App-State: Early Access. Roadmap…

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App-State: Early Access. Roadmap…

We will be the new digital & intelligent B2B Marketplace for Europe

For this, we’ve just published the industry supply chain network App as a fundament

Become a pioneer of the B2B universe & register your company ad now for free!

3 Steps to get started

Sign-up & create your industry company ad

Find companies for your supply chain

Attend Early-Bird to save marketplace fees

From Dresden – For Europe!

Our Early State Benefit For You!

What we do for you?

We find the key companies in your supply chain and connect you with them.  No matter whether you are a manufacturer or a wholesaler. We do it for you and for us!

Why we do this?

It is our vision to build complete supply chains from raw material to finished product, from which every company can participate in the form of new customers or new suppliers.

How can you hire us?

If we haven’t proactively reached out to you yet, you can contact us by email at Later there will be a simple input mask in the app for you.

Advantages, on-top to your company ad

  1. Upscale your reach and business sales
  2. Get recommondation with sustainable business partners
  3. Get access to the European WIDE B2B Marketplace (Early-Bird-Seller Promo – 12 months off)
  4. Safe time & costs in sales  
  1. Promote your company within our Blog (DE only) – punkt 4

Download now for iPhone & iPad!

More Information

Sell. Buy. B2B. Goods. Online.

Early Bird Promo – Available August ’22

New. Reach. In. Seconds.

B2B sales goes mobile – Available now for free!

Product Roadmap


Goods Analysis

We analyse the business products you sell and you need and find the right business partner for you for free.


WIDE Messenger

Secure and fast communication with business partners with the WIDE B2B Messenger.


Android App

The WIDE B2B Business Network available on Google Play.


WIDE B2B-Marketplace

Create your products & services and sell your goods within one App in optimised business workflows! Sign up now for the early bird seller account promotion and save 12 month subscription fee!

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WIDE B2B Web-App

WIDE B2B as a browser app. Standardized and adapted to your business needs.

PS: Don’t forget to invite business partners via the app to grow the community. As thank you we leave you a credit about 50€!

Thank you – Your WIDE B2B Team