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Prepare your company for the new generation of purchasers by creating your B2B Products on the new WIDE B2B Marketplace for Europe. 

WIDE B2B. Begins where other B2B platforms & business directories stops

Dear B2B Seller. You are not interested in online marketing, search engine optimization or social influencing? Don't worry. Keep focusing on your core business. WIDE B2B has released the new digital B2B marketplace just for you, so you can find new business customers online without having to do any of that.

Why use WIDE for your B2B sales:

Find New Business Partner

By listing your company in our industry network you’ ll get a new digital reach. Our WIDE algorithm connects you with the right partner.

Sell & Buy B2B Goods Online Q3/22

Create individual industry goods online & find the products you need with WIDE B2B. Faster, easier & more in standardized Sales-Workflows.

Equality In Listing Position

Buy safely! Unlike other search networks, our visibility is only related to the companies quality. Businesses with the best rating are at the top.


… of global B2B e-Commerce volume is generated in Asia

Almost every supply chain in Europe today relies heavely on Imports from Asian markets. But in the last few years a pandemic and changing political powers showed: Quality is best produced in controlled local markets! We believe supply chains of european companies should involve more european products. For more quality, control, sustainability and reliability. It’s time for Europe’s answer.


… of B2B buyers find their suppliers online!

The world of business commerce is increasingly shifting to the online world. Don’t miss your chance! Trade all B2B products online, in workflows adapted for business trading. WIDE B2B releases the first intelligent B2B Marketplace for Europe! Open new markets by presenting and selling your products on the business sales platform.

We face the challenges of our time

Digital Transition

Tomorrow's purchasing departments source their B2B products on the internet. Bring yours online and sell them through WIDE B2B. Spare yourself online marketing and focus on your business. In the future we will find the right customer for you!

CO2 balances

Many companies already demand CO2 balance certificates from their suppliers (for example OEM's). Internal European trade not only saves transport routes, but is also more environmentally friendly due to stricter climate laws in the EU.

Global Dependence

Many supply chains are currently coming to a standstill because of their dependence on global trade. The call for independence from politics and society is getting louder. A chance for us European B2B companies to bring goods back home.

The Perfect Choice

For Wholesaler, Manufacturer & Strategic Purchaser

For Seller

B2B sales have never been so easy

1. Create Goods & Get Found

Show your products in the best light. Whether screws & machine parts in countless designs, consumer goods or individualized production machines. On the WIDE B2B Marketplace, you can create all your products in flexible, clearly arranged masks.

2. Negotiate, Send Quotes & Sell

In standardized workflows, adapted to business customer trading, you are guided through the individual steps of the trading process. You and your colleagues know at all times the current status of the order. This saves time and minimizes the effort in case of a substitution.

3. Produce & Provide Goods

Our hand on our product! Does the same principle apply to you? Provide your goods within the agreed terms. Still questions left unanswered? Talk to your customers quickly, easily and transparently in the WIDE Messenger.

4. Shipment according to terms

Container or letter? No matter what you deliver, deliver or arrange it to the business customer in the agreed time, shipment term and quality and get in return not only your payment, but also a flawless rating and a returning customer.

5. Rate The Company

After the order is completed, the buyer and seller rate each other. This step is an integral part of the buying process. After all, what sells better than a personal recommendation?

For Buyer

Sourcing as easy as it should be

1. Search, Find & Compare European B2B Goods

CE compliant, qualitatively, trustworthy and sustainable due to stricter climate guidelines in Europe and shortened transport distances.

2. Start Communication & Negotiation With The Seller

Discuss technical specification & agree on your order requirements fast and easily through the WIDE B2B Messenger.

3. Agree On Order Details, Accept the Quote & Buy Secure

Follow the easy and standardized buying Workflow. Buy products suitable for the EU market without any further steps.

4. Ship The Goods / Get them Delivered & Rate The Company

Rate your transaction to help other buyer finding the best seller.


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Company Ads

  • Permanently free of charge
  • Promote your business within a company ad
  • Become visible in the WIDE search network
  • Get contacted from prospects through WIDE Messenger
  • Enable apps that fit your needs (currently only App B2B Marketplace Seller)


  • Permanently free of charge
  • Everything from plan "company ads"
  • Find trustworthy European companies
  • Find the B2B products "Made in Europe" that you need
  • Specify order/product details & communicate safe with seller through WIDE Messenger
  • Your order status in the purchasing workflow always in view

 Prices are excl. VAT

Who Can Join

& How

All companies that are located in the EU and are manufacturers, wholesalers or are in the manufacturing industry or trade with immaterial goods (e.g. purchase licenses) can join.



If you are only interested in purchasing, it is enough to register. WIDE B2B will not charge any service fees for purchasers.

Create your company ad

Promoting your company will gain your business an extra reach on the Internet, and it’s completely free. It is quite simple and created in less than 15 minutes.



Sign up as B2B Seller

To get the most out of WIDE B2B, sign for the B2B seller account, create your products and sell them online through WIDE B2B without having to open your own expensive webshop.

Partner, Angels & Seed Investors

Consistent controlling, calculable risk and huge scalable opportunities.

Investing in WIDE B2B means investing in Europes economic future and strength. Follow our vision – Become a partner!

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